In Hawaii a Dispirited Glimpse at One Party Rule

Sam Slom with Byron York

Senator Slom was recently the subject of a Washington Examiner article written by Byron York, who was in Hawaii for a few days last week. He visited Senator Slom at the State Capitol on February 11.

In his article he writes:

“In Hawaii, there are 25 members of the state Senate. Twenty-four are Democrats. And then there is Sam Slom.

Slom, the lone Senate Republican in the state of President Obama’s birth, has represented East Honolulu since 1996. He hasn’t always been the only GOP senator; in the last session, there were two. But Republicans fared poorly at the polls in November, and Slom was left alone.”

Read more at the Washington Examiner: URL LINK

Senator Slom was also on the nationally syndicated Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show on February 17. Byron York was sitting in for the regular host and interviewed Senator Slom live on phone from the program’s east coast studio in New York City. Morning in America airs on many Salem Communications radio stations throughout the nation as well as on local affiliate KHNR AM 690.


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