Senator Slom’s October 30 Speech on SB1 – Same Sex Marriage

On Wednesday, October 30, the Hawaii State Senate voted on SB1 “Relating to Equal Rights”. This is the bill that would grant same sex couples the right to marry each other. The bill passed out of the Senate with a vote of 20 to 4 with 1 excused. Senator Slom was one of the 4 senators who voted “no” on SB1. After moving to the State House of Representatives, an amended version of SB1 was also passed and presented to the entire state legislature for a full vote. It passed that vote and the governor signed it into law on November 13.

The following link takes you to Senator Slom’s floor speech on SB 1 as presented on the Senate Floor, October 30.

Senate Floor Session 10-30-2013

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“….there was no reason, no urgency, for a special session devoted to sexual orientation. In the past 12 years, this state has had two special sessions unrelated to the Senate’s advising and consenting to judicial or cabinet nominees. One had to do with the Superferry and the economic implications; the other was called immediately after 9/11 when we were all concerned about what was going to be the future of our state and our nation. To say that the argument for sexual orientation rises to that level is absurd. To say that this is historic is untrue; hysteric, it may be. We should’ve decided it, if at all, during the regular session.”


Senators Use Annual Allowance for Many Purchases

Hawaii State Senate Day #59


By State Senator Sam Slom

Garlic salt, leis, stationery, meals, hand towels, computer software, furniture, newsletters and a trip to Tahiti are part of an extensive list of State Senate Allowance expenditures published in a Honolulu Civil Beat news report on Tuesday, October 22.

Senate Allowance expenditures for 2012 and 2013 showed that many of my colleagues have used their allowance for all sorts of purchases which are supposed to be connected to the duties of the senate office and legislature.

The Senate Allowance is an annual, taxpayer funded expense account given to each legislator in addition to their regular salary. State Senators got a $10,200 allowance in 2012. For 2013 that amount increased to $11,261.

When I first started in the Senate back in 1996, the annual allowance was $5,000.

I have never used the Senate Allowance since taking office in 1996. From that time to 2012, I have saved the state an estimated $118,037 of taxpayer funds. I continue to not use the allowance and won’t be in future years.

You can read the entire Civil Beat article as well as examine the detailed list of Senate allowance expenditures at the following link:


Senator Slom’s Spring Fundraiser

Slom Fundraiser Collage

A good time was had by all who showed up for Senator Slom’s Spring Fundraiser held at the Grey’s residence in Hawaii Kai on May 22. Photo collage by Michael Palcic. Below Senator Slom displays his now famous $118,000 Hawaii Taxpayers check. Photo by Christie Adams.

Taxpayer Savings